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Pre-1961 Fuel Level Dipsticks.

 Fuel Stick

Retro Custom are proud to offer faithful reproductions of the original pre-1961 fuel measuring dipsticks for both Beetles and Karman Ghias. 

With factory fuel level gauges not entering production on Beetles and Ghias until 1961, many VW owners relied on a visual fuel level inspection, a measuring dipstick or fitting a Dehne fuel gauge to work out how much fuel they had left. In order to combat the problem of cars running out of fuel and getting stranded, Volkswagens were fitted with a fuel reserve tap to allow the owner an extra 5 litres of fuel to reach the nearest fuel station once the main tank level dropped into reserve.

Volkswagen offered an accessory fuel level dipstick so the VW owner can get a more accurate idea of how much fuel remains in the tank and also, more importantly, how far they can travel with the remaining fuel. 

Our reproduction dipsticks are available for both the flat 'breadbox' style pre-August 1955 tanks and also for the later 1955-1961 'humped' style tanks. Our dipsticks are constructed from fuel resistant anodised aluminium with engraved markings and show the amount of fuel in litres and their respective distances in kilometres. The dipsticks also have a hole at the top so you can attach a safety cord to stop accidentally dropping the dipstick inside the tank. 

Priced at £21.50 each including VAT, they can be ordered by contacting us through the website contact form until the online shop is up and running. Unfortunately, due to postage and customs issues beyond our control, we are unable to ship overseas at this time but hope for this to change in the future.