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Have your VW serviced the same way as the Volkswagen dealerships did back in the day.

Here at Retro Custom, we offer a range of servicing and maintenance options covering the same areas which Volkswagen did when your vehicle was new. Ranging from a basic engine service to a full advanced service, we can cover all the bases so you can drive your vehicle in the confidence that it is safe and roadworthy and will provide you with many more miles of trouble free motoring. 

After each service, you will be presented with a copy of the service sheet for your vehicle's records to add to your service history. If your vehicle came without any service history, this is the perfect opportunity for you to build up a new one. 

As each service is carried out, any issues found are highlighted and marked depending on the degree of urgency the work will need to be carried out. You will be informed following the service of any components found to need urgent attention and presented with a costs estimate so you can decide whether to have the work done while your vehicle is at the workshop depending on the scale of the work required.

Any non-essential works are also highlighted and we will be happy to give you a cost for undertaking these works and you can have these works done at a later stage. 

If you just require a simple oil change or have any individual requirements, we are more than happy to tailor our servicing to your needs. Just get in touch with us and let us know what you require and we will give you an estimated cost. 

We also offer a pre-MOT checkover where we check all the MOT'able areas on your vehicle and prepare it for the MOT test. All MOT tests are carried out off site by a MOT centre experienced with classic cars.

We keep a record of your MOT and service on our vehicle management system and you can choose to be automatically reminded by email or text message when your next service or MOT is due.

Our service schedules can be seen in the table below:




Basic Engine Service

Service Sheet

This is the cheapest service on the tariff starting at £130 + VAT for a standard engine.

This service involves undertaking an oil change, adjusting the valve clearances and checking all the ignition components and also setting the ignition timing, checking the dwell angle and tuning the carburettor. The fuel filter is changed as standard during this service and also the condition of the fuel lines are checked. A number of other engine and associated parts such as the fan belt, air filter, cooling system and clutch free play are also checked. 

If any ignition parts or other consumable engine parts are found to need replacing or any other issues are found, then you will be informed of any replacement parts required or the cost of any necessary work required and work will only commence after your approval. 

You will receive a copy of the service sheet for your records and to add to your vehicle's history. 

Type 4 engines and engines with full flow oil systems have the additional cost of the oil filter on this service. 

Basic Full Service

Starting at £322 plus VAT for a standard engine, the Basic Full Service consists of a full vehicle checkover of all the main safety components like brakes, suspension, steering, front and rear axle, tyres and electrical current users.

This service also includes a basic engine service as standard. This service is usually chosen by our customers as an interim service  every 3000 miles during the periods between each Full Advanced Service. 

As with all services, you will be presented with a copy of the service sheet for your records. 

Advanced Engine Service

The Advanced Engine Service includes everything which is checked as standard on a basic engine service plus more.

Starting at a cost of £275 plus VAT for a standard engine, all serviceable ignition components are replaced and included in the cost. This includes spark plugs, distributor cap, rotor arm, contact points, condensor and ignition leads. 

As well as the ignition components, the fan belt is replaced along with the air filter element as standard. Also, the engine compression is checked and readings taken which will be noted on the service sheet of which you will receive a copy. 

Type 4 engines and engines with full flow systems have a slightly higher cost due to the higher and additional costs of serviceable parts. Please contact us for these prices. 

This service is usually chosen by customers who are planing a long trip in their vehicle and have already undergone a basic full service within the past year. 

Full Advanced Service

This is the major service which essentially leaves no stone unturned on your vehicle and starts at a cost of £498 plus VAT for a standard engine. 

As standard, your vehicle receives an advanced engine service and everything included a basic full service plus more. 

Among additional checks, your vehicle has its front wheel tracking and camber checked, the chassis and body are thoroughly checked for corrosion and associated structural and bodywork issues. The door locks, hinges and pedal cluster are lubricated and the suspension is also fully greased.

This service is normally chosen by customers who have just purchased a vehicle and want to know the full condition of their vehicle, or those undergoing their three yearly or 10,000 mile service. 

Pre-MOT Checkover

Costing £35 plus VAT, we offer a pre-MOT checkover for your vehicle prior to presenting it for its MOT. All areas of your vehicle which are checked during the MOT are given a thorough examination and any small issues like inoperative lightbulbs are fixed. The benefit of a pre-MOT checkover over just presenting the vehicle for an MOT without the vehicle being checked is that the MOT tester is forbidden from correcting any defects during the test and is obliged to fail the vehicle and it will need to be re-presented for test again and this will incur further costs. Having a Pre-MOT highlights any issues which the vehicle might fail on, and gives the customer the opportunity to get them fixed prior to the vehicle being presented for MOT. 

Also, many of our customers have modified vehicles and our knowledge of the MOT allows us to make any changes required to make the vehicle 100% road legal and get the vehicle through the MOT test. Typical examples of these are incorrect number plates, vehicles with no windscreen washers fitted, all-red lenses on a post 1965 vehicle, too low ride height, and so on. 

The MOT test centre which we use for our MOT's are very experienced in MOT'ing classic cars and understand the lower tolerances of components compared to modern cars. 

As any MOT test undertaken is down to the tester's opinion of the condition vehicle on the day, having a pre-MOT checkover done before an MOT also prevents any further costs from arising in the unlikely instance the vehicle will fail its MOT, as unlike an MOT where no checkover is made, no additional costs are incurred. Presently we have a 95% MOT first time pass rate following a pre-MOT checkover when any necessary work required to achieve an MOT has been done. 


We recommend that upon purchasing your vehicle or to start your service history off that you have a full advanced service undertaken on your vehicle which will highlight any issues which are present and need rectifying. We also find that many of our customers request a full advanced service before they go on a long trip abroad. 

Following a full advanced service, we recommend a basic full service yearly or every 3000 miles and a full advanced service every three years or 10,000 miles - whichever comes first. This will allow us to keep on top of any potential issues and substantially increase your vehicle's reliability. 


If you are unsure which service is best for you, or if you require more information, please contact us for more information. 




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