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Darren's Rothfink Bug In For MOT

Darren dropped his super cool Rothfink branded '63 ragtop bug in for its annual MOT today.

Darren Jacobs Rothfink Bug

Front Axle Beam Replacement

The front axle beam on Bruce's limited edition Sunshine Beetle had seen better days and was too far gone to be repaired safely so we hunted out a RHD replacement standard front axle. Sadly, all genuine used axles we find also needed significant repairs and our hunt for a good quality reproduction RHD standard beam proved to be fruitless with all the main parts suppliers being out of stock with no restock date. Finding a LHD beam to convert to was the same story until we struck it lucky and got the last remaining LHD standard front beam. 

We had to convert the axle beam to RHD and after a few hours, Bruce's Beetle was back on its wheels ready for the spring. 

Work Starts On Nick's Floorpan Repair

Nick's Floorpan

Work got underway on Nick's semi-auto beetle floorpan half replacement. The existing pan halves were in pretty poor condition with a number of previous repairs and corrosion holes visible on both sides. 

With the rotten floorpans removed, the chassis frame head and centre tunnel repairs are going to be repaired next before the new pan halves are welded on.